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"I have to say that the new album  Dr TAOS is brilliant. This album is a must get!"  Dr TAOS review - The Songsmith.

Fusing Celtic folk with British blues rock, matured in sunburnt Australian country oak barrels, international touring artist, Dr TAOS is wowing audiences around the world with his own inimitable style of alternative folk rock blends and has recently released his new eponymous album to great acclaim, gaining radio airplay worldwide.

And it is Dr TAOS’ voice that is  Dr TAOS’ secret weapon – in all of popular music a strong song, put across by a truly affecting voice is an irresistible one-two punch. Add to this the songwriter singing his own songs, with all the drama, depth and nuance conveyed and that one-two becomes a triple whammy.”  Dr TAOS review - Wordaboutmusic.

Based in Australia, Dr TAOS (formerly known as TAOS) has been impressing audiences around the world on his recent tours of Australia, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland and the USA both solo and with his band, in support of his well-received albums Dr TAOS and Darkness & Light, having previously released an EP and several singles. He is back in the studio with the band writing and working on a new album 
with a single due for release soon.

(Dr) TAOS is taking Sydney by storm with his alt-folk blends. Catch him playing songs from his lovely debut album  Darkness & Light … revel in the acoustic indie of a shining up and comer” Drum Media.

“The use of dynamics, harmonies and good song writing, as well as the mix, instrumentation and simple song presentation makes this a brilliant album.”  Darkness & Light review - The Songsmith.

On release of the single Home, (Dr) TAOS was named “Unsigned Artist of the Week” by Sydney radio station FBI!

“Great voice, commanding, beautiful with light and shade, controlling the story, you can’t but help listen to (Dr) TAOS … you’ve just got to love it, especially the way (Dr) TAOS sings! The Songsmith (live review)

World Keep on Turning (Single) 2017
Dr TAOS (Album) 2016   
Love Strikes (Single) 2015
Shine (Single) 2014
Snake Eyes (Single) 2012
Home (Single) 2009
Darkness & Light (Album) 2008
Beautiful (Single) 2008
TAOS (EP) 2007