1. Haunted Man

From the recording Dr TAOS - New Album!

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Haunted Man by Dr TAOS
© (O’Shea) 2016

I’ve been down here for such a long, long time
Wandering ‘round here in the recesses of my mind
There’s some people I know here and some from the other side
It’s a little cold here, in the frosts of my mind

Haunted man,
Haunted man

Keep on running, running from myself
Keep on running, there’s nowhere else
Keep on running, from my mind
Keep on running, there’s no time

Murder songs and ballads of love
Thorns in my side, silver daggers from above
Strange relief it gives me but it’s just not enough
I could end it all, but that would be just giving up

Haunted man,
Haunted man.