"I have to say that the new album  Dr TAOS is brilliant. This album is a must get!"  Dr TAOS album review - The Songsmith

Fusing Celtic folk with British blues rock, matured in sunburnt Australian country oak barrels, international touring artist, Dr TAOS is wowing audiences around the world with his own inimitable style of alternative folk rock blends and has recently released his new eponymous album to great acclaim, gaining radio airplay worldwide.

And it is Dr TAOS’ voice that is  Dr TAOS’ secret weapon – in all of popular music a strong song, put across by a truly affecting voice is an irresistible one-two punch. Add to this the songwriter singing his own songs, with all the drama, depth and nuance conveyed and that one-two becomes a triple whammy.”  Dr TAOS album review - Wordaboutmusic.

Based in Australia, Dr TAOS (formerly known as TAOS) has been impressing audiences around the world on his recent tours of Australia, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland and the USA both solo and with his band, in support of his well-received albums Dr TAOS and Darkness & Light, having previously released an EP and several singles.
He is back in the studio with the band writing and working on a new album with a single due for release soon.

“Sounding great! Nice timeless tracks instantly warm and familiar. Evoking elements of colonial Australia, oak barrel ageing and fruity top notes, this is sweet home comings folk rock with a clear essence in the final product.”  Dr TAOS album review - Collage, The Espy Melbourne.

“(Dr) TAOS is taking Sydney by storm with his alt-folk blends. Catch him playing songs from his lovely debut album Darkness & Light … revel in the acoustic indie of a shining up and comer” Drum Media.

Welcome! Here you will be able to listen to my music, watch videos, find out information about Dr TAOS and my shows, join my mailing list and contact us if you wish. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Please note if you would like to listen to the full versions of my songs or to purchase tracks, please go to the music section of this site (hit the music button above), thanks.

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Previous events

Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies have been invited to play at Moshpit's 4th Birthday Bash alongside The Cloud Surfers and Fleur Wiber on Sunday 9th May at 7pm. The event will be live and live streamed. Tickets: zenn.net.au/videostream/the-cloud-surfers-dr-taos-the-disorderlies-fleur-wiber-2 FB event link is https://www.facebook.com/events/466504997997231

General admission: $15.00 and Live stream: $12.00

Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies are back playing live on Moshpit TV plus limited seats in the venue for the show. Full band show! Limited venue tickets available online and at the door and live stream tickets available too. We'll be sharing the stage with the cool art rock Darling Vicious and the amazing ES Duo! Watch this space! Long live live music! Starts 7:00pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Tickets available through: http://zenn.net.au/videostream/darling-vicious-dr-taos-the-disorderlies-e-s-duo

Fb event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/323914075716692

Live stream $12 and live seating in venue $15

Join our mailing list for the latest news and receive a free download


Finally after several lockdowns, isolating and hardly seeing anyone, got back in the studio with Luke and Mitch to finalise Holy Grail and to start finishing off the rest of the album tracks!

Hoping to release Holy Grail soon with some gigs! Will keep you posted!

Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies live and live stream @ Moshpit Bar TV, Sun 14th March 2021, 7pm! 

Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies are strutting the stage live at Moshpit Bar whilst also being live streamed this Sunday 14th March @ 7pm (we're on stage just after 7.30pm). We'd love to see you there either live in person or via the live stream! Moshpit, 642A King St, Erskineville NSW 2043 

Tickets for the venue seats and the live stream can be found here: 
Tickets here zenn.net.au/videostream/darling-vicious-dr-taos-the-disorderlies-e-s-duo 
FB event is https://fb.me/e/63CmaQdI4 

Here's a little snippet from the last live stream, a little rusty after so long away from the stage due to CoVid: Live video @ Moshpit Bar https://youtu.be/mjAqjns2qak 

A fabulous line up of the awesome art-rock Darling Vicious, the enigmatic bluesy folk-rock Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies and the amazing E.S Duo playing live on the fantastic live streaming Moshpit TV on Sunday 14th March from 7pm! 
There will also be 35 seats available at the venue for the show. Do not miss this!! 

Starts 7:00pm AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylightsaving Time). 
$12 including booking fee for the live stream or $15 for the live show at Moshpit. 

We'd love to see you! 
Take care, 
Dr T :)

Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies live on Moshpit TV, Sun 13th Dec, 6pm AEST. 

Dr TAOS & The Disorderlies are back playing live on Moshpit TV plus limited seats in the venue for the show. Playing alongside the fabulous The Cloud Surfers and The Fleur Wiber Band. Full band show! Limited tickets available at the door and live stream tickets available at http://zenn.net.au/videostream/the-cloud-surfers-dr-taos-the-disorderlies-fleur-wiber/  FB event link: https://fb.me/e/2YLd4Mihz 
Long live live music!  Starts 6:00pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

This Sunday 13th Sept @ 6:00pm AEST (that's Australian Eastern Standard Time) or +10 GMT/UTC. 

Hey folks we're back in the live music gig saddle! This Sunday 13th Sept @ 6:00pm AEST (that's Australian Eastern Standard Time) or +10 GMT/UTC.

Dr TAOS with Ella Carstein will be playing live and on live streaming back at Moshpit with The Cloud Surfers and Bek Jensen. The venue is a CoVid-19 safe venue and hence patrons are limited to 15 but you can also watch the show on live stream.
You can get tickets to the live stream here: https://zenn.net.au/videostream/the-cloud-surfers-dr-taos-bek-jensen/ 

A limited number of tickets to see the show live will be available on the door but only a limited number due to CoVid restrictions so it may be better to buy online tickets to the live stream so you don't miss out! 
More info can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/3639141739450546

Gigs postponed due to Covid-19 

Hi there,
Unfortunately all my gigs have been postponed due to Covid-19 and venue closures. I am still trying to work on getting a single out soon but it's been a bit hard to get myself and others into the studio. Hopefully as restrictions are relaxed we can get back to it. Might also have a live streaming gig. More on that as news comes to hand.
Stay safe!
Dr T

Recording New Dr TAOS album 

Well it's about time. I'm finally back in the studio recording a new album. Have 6 tracks of drums, bass and guitars done and about to start on vocals and then some overdubs. Still got another 5 tracks to put down too.